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Retrofit emission control device for DG Set to control & reduce Genset emission level up to 90%. We are the manufacturer & supplier of RECD equipment for sale in India. Under the guidance of a qualified & highly skilled team of engineers, the Genset emission control device follows all the standard norms set by NGT & CPCB. In this modern generation, air pollution is a major challenge for all of us & without controlling it, we can’t imagine a better future. Also, various studies say, the diesel engine & operation of diesel generator is one major cause of polluted air. They emit harmful carbon monoxide gases & other particles which badly affect our ecosystem. That polluted & toxic gases are also a major cause responsible cause for the human disease such as damage to lungs, cancer, respiratory problems & many more.

The retrofitted technology added extra features to reduce the emission of certified diesel engines. This emission control device installs in the exhaust system of the DG Set to reduce its emission without affecting the performance of the diesel engine. The best example of retrofitted emission control devices included diesel particulate filters (DPFs) & diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs). All diesel Genset pollution control devices are manufactured & evaluate to reduce the emission of certified & properly maintained diesel engines.

What are emission control systems & how does it works

A retrofit emission control is a device used with the diesel generator to reduce emissions & harmful particles that emits from the generator exhaust system. As we know, during the diesel fuel burning the unburned hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide & other particulate matter come into the air. Standard technology of the retrofitted device added the extra feature to control the emission of carbon monoxide & hydrocarbons which emits from the diesel generator operation.

The most important & key technical consideration of retrofitting is matching the right technology with the Genset. The DG Set must be well maintained before consideration of the retrofitted system. Installation under the guidance of a professional & qualified team also increases the workability & duration of the performance. Further, Successful Retrofits Require a Cooperative Effort between Fleet Owners, Operators, and Technology Providers

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Types of popular & the best emission control device for DG Set

Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter is a very popular type of RECD used since 1970 in various diesel engine devices. This emission control device is available with the 2-way & 3-way features where two-way catalytic converters only control CO & HC. The three-way catalytic converter setup also controls oxides of nitrogen. The day-by-day modernization of Catalytic converters converts harmful gases & pollutants particles into CO2 & H2O. This retrofitted device for pollution control work under the effect of heat & lack of heat can degrade the overall efficiency. In short, we can say the catalytic converter is the most beneficial RECD system that destruct harmful emissions into something useful.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

The EGR emission control device help to reduce the emission by managing the temperature as low as possible. This device is mostly available with turbocharged petrol & diesel engine where the construction of this emission control system follows the exhaust manifold channels to intake some gases in the manifold to reduce the temperature as well as emission. Exhaust gas recirculation is the most usable to decrease the NOx emission of diesel engine generators.

Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR)

This device is an advanced emission control method that is widely used in high kVA diesel generators. This SCR technology is also known as Adblue which works with the high capacity DG Set to comply with their engine in BS6 norms. This Adblue is a form of liquid urea called diesel exhaust fluid.

SCR works in conjunction with the DPF and the Adblue fluid is sprayed into the exhaust. The fluid reacts with NOx and converts it into nitrogen, water, and CO2. The converted gases are far less harmful when compared to NOx and go out from the exhaust pipe. SCR system can reduce NOx emissions by up to 90% and helps to comply with stringent BS6 norms.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

The DPF emission control device is mainly a honeycomb filter that is used to trap the soot post-combustion from the exhaust manifold. This device is able to consume all solid particles which emit by burning diesel fuel. The diesel particulate filter also plays an important role to manage diesel engine health. Similarly, the regeneration process needs a certain temperature of exhaust & high level of oxygen. Also, in the modern diesel Genset, the activity level of DPF clogging & the regeneration process is done seamlessly.

Evaporative Emission Control

The evaporative emission control device works in the best manner to reduce the overall emission of a diesel generator as well as increase fuel efficiency with a low fuel consumption rate. In other words, we can say the Evaporative emission control system eliminates the evaporation of hydrocarbons from the fuel tank and circulates them into the combustion chamber. The key mechanical component of this emission control system is the carbon canister that stores the hydrocarbons. The carbon canister absorbs the fuel vapors via loose chemical bonds and releases them via the purge solenoid that is controlled via the onboard computer module.

What is Retrofit Device or Retrofit Equipment for Diesel Generators?

Retrofitted emission control equipment is a device that is attached to the silencer of a diesel generator to reduce the emission & other particulate matters which emits from the generator exhaust system. This Genset emission control device not only protects the environment against bad particles & gas but also makes your Genset according to the norms of CPCB. We know that when diesel fuel burns it emits unburned nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxides & other harmful gases into the air. Based on World Health Organization, the safety limit of particulate matter in the environment is 23 micrograms per cubic meter. But diesel generator operation increases it up to 300 micrograms per cubic meter. The retrofitted emission control system is mainly designed to control harmful gas including carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons & others which are very harmful to our ecosystem. This very common technique to install a retrofit device with the diesel generator exhaust system to reduce the emission up to 90% during the Genset operation. RECD devices follow all the standard norms & parameters set by CPCB & NGT to make diesel generators more eco-friendly as well as best for all job needs.

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