CPCB NGT Approved Retrofitted Emission Control Equipments For DG Set

Dekonix India continuously works to create sustainable & scalable technologies to combat the grave threat posed by pollution. We work with the motive of developing the best solution to control pollution effectively. Our offering ranges of retrofitted emission control devices for diesel generators protect the environment against the toxic, harmful gases & other particulate matter that are emitted from the diesel Genset. Our device aims to address one of the most pressing issues for humankind’s availability of breathable air by capturing pollution at its source.

We work on the best solution for DG Set particulate matter & convert them into something useful

We have developed world’s first retro-fit emission control device for diesel generators. Our technology can capture ~90% of particulate matter emissions from the exhaust of diesel generators without causing any adverse impact on the engine.

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Dekonix India is a team of skilled & highly qualified team of engineers & innovators who belive to improve the air quality & ecosystem on our beutiful planet. As we know, our country is home of top 10 most polluted city in the world & operation of diesel generator contribute more than 15 to 20% particulate matters in envoirment. The offering product to control the emission level of diesel Genset, this device is design to capture polluted particles from the source as well as convert them into something useful.

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    Heavy Duty Retrofitted Pollution Control Device For Sale

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